William Theurer 2022Transform Your Organizational Dynamics

Are you facing the challenge of balancing day-to-day operations while striving for excellence in program and project management of complex incremental initiatives that must be done well?  Does your leadership team grapple with delivering large-scale initiatives on time, within budget, and achieving the desired return on investment after the implementation?  The solution may be outside the traditional capability or capacity of in-house resources.  Incremental large initiatives often require a specialized, seasoned leader who can seamlessly integrate into your team, bridging capacity gaps and elevating your internal capabilities.

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I am dedicated staff augmentation resource with over 20 years of experience in driving cross-functional program and project teams to success.  My  expertise is not just in managing tasks; it’s about partnering with Senior Leadership to support and execute critical initiatives with precision and excellence.  The preferred approach is both minimalist and non-technical, focusing on project and organizational change management in a way that is easily adaptable to your existing team dynamics.

Through my career I have developed a somewhat unique ability to plug effortlessly into diverse environments, foster collaboration and effective communication at all organizational levels, critical skills resulting in continued success.  I play well with your high performing team members, manage challenging people issues with finesse, and engage in thoughtful, cross-functional collaboration. This ensures every project minimizes risk and maximizes outcomes.

Partnering with me you are gaining a strategic partner who ensures that solutions are not only implemented but also drive tangible results, internal satisfaction, and the full realization of ROI after the implementation.  My proven track record in leading critical initiatives, transformative projects, strategy and innovation across a variety of organizations is available to you as needed on a part or full time basis, hybrid / remote with travel world wide.

A staff augmentation assignment with me will help to ensure the complexity of large-scale initiatives don’t overwhelm your team.

Connect with me today and embark on a journey towards operational excellence and transformative success.

Refined Vision:  Collaborative Excellence in Strategic Execution

When we embark on a journey of organizational transformation, our approach is holistic and collaborative. Here’s how we achieve success together:

  • Surface Core Concepts and Themes: We begin by delving deep into the heart of your project. This involves uncovering and understanding the fundamental ideas and themes that will guide our strategy. By identifying these core elements, we lay a solid foundation for all subsequent actions.
  • Solicit and Integrate Feedback: Your team’s insights are invaluable. We actively source feedback from all levels of your organization, ensuring that every voice is heard. This inclusive approach not only enriches our understanding but also fosters a sense of ownership and engagement across the board.
  • Conduct Thorough Research: Armed with initial insights, we dive into comprehensive research. This step is crucial for understanding the broader context, industry trends, and potential challenges. Our research is meticulous, ensuring we have a robust data-driven foundation for our hypotheses and strategies.
  • Test Hypotheses Rigorously: No stone is left unturned as we put our hypotheses to the test. This rigorous evaluation process helps us to refine our approach continually, ensuring that our strategies are not just innovative but also practical and effective.
  • Define Realistic Goals and Objectives: Setting clear, achievable goals is key to our mutual success. We work closely with you to outline realistic objectives that align with your vision, resources, and timeline, ensuring that our targets are both ambitious and attainable.
  • Generate Broad Support: Success is a team effort. We focus on building broad support from all impacted groups. By engaging and aligning different stakeholders, we create a unified front, ensuring smooth implementation and widespread adoption of our strategies.
  • Secure Sponsorship and Commitment of Resources: Essential to our strategy is gaining the commitment of key decision-makers. We work diligently to secure the necessary sponsorship and resources, presenting a compelling case that underscores the value and potential of our initiatives.

Our vision is not just about reaching goals; it’s about doing so in a way that is inclusive, research-driven, and strategically sound. By working together, we ensure that every step we take is thoughtful, impactful, and geared towards long-term success.

Crafting a Comprehensive Business Case:  A Collaborative and Systematic Approach

In the dynamic landscape of project and business transformation, the construction of a compelling business case is not just an initial step; it’s a pivotal part of the journey towards success. Here’s how we work together to create a robust foundation for your project, initiative, or transformation:

  • Valuing Long-Term Opportunities with Expert Collaboration: Collaborating closely with cross-functional department leadership and external advisors, we delve into assessing and valuing the long-term opportunities that our project will unlock. This collaborative effort ensures a multifaceted perspective, enriching our understanding of the potential impact and benefits.
  • Resource Identification and Allocation: Recognizing the right mix of internal and external resources is crucial. We meticulously identify the necessary talent, tools, and technologies required to bring our vision to fruition, ensuring a balanced and effective deployment of resources.
  • Risks and Timing Analysis: No strategy is without risks. We engage in a thorough analysis to detail potential risks, concurrently defining the timing and milestones. This dual approach helps us in preemptively addressing challenges while keeping the project on a realistic timeline.
  • Financial Planning through IPEC and DMAIC Phases: Financial foresight is key. Through the Initiate, Plan, Execute, and Control (IPEC) phases, and for process improvement initiatives, the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) phases, we collaboratively estimate the required capital and expenses. This structured financial planning is crucial for maintaining fiscal discipline and ensuring project viability.
  • Kickoff Presentation Development and Leadership: As a facilitator and leader, I take pride in constructing and sharing in the delivery of the kickoff presentation. This initial step is crucial in setting the tone and direction for the project. My role extends beyond just presenting; I am committed to leading the daily activities, ensuring that each step aligns with our overarching goals.

By uniting cross-functional expertise with a structured, strategic approach, we build a business case that is not only compelling but also grounded in practicality and foresight. This comprehensive preparation paves the way for a transformation that is well-planned, financially sound, and primed for success.

Strategic Team Building for Optimal Project Execution

In the realm of strategy and innovation, the effectiveness of a project often hinges on the composition and capabilities of its team. My approach to building these dynamic teams is both strategic and creative, ensuring that every gap is expertly filled for optimal project execution.

  • Leveraging Internal Expertise: I start by tapping into your organization’s rich pool of talent, identifying and assigning trusted internal resources as Department Project Leads. These core subject matter experts play a pivotal role, bringing in-depth knowledge and organizational familiarity to the forefront.
  • Recognizing the Need for External Support: Innovation often demands new perspectives and specialized skills that may not be available in-house. In scenarios where internal resources cannot completely address project needs, I often step in to bridge the interim gap.
  • Comprehensive External Resource Engagement: My role extends to meticulously sourcing, evaluating, and contracting expert external service providers, contractors, and consultants. This process is not just about finding talent; it’s about ensuring that these external partners align with the project’s objectives, company vision, and teams value and culture.
  • Strategic Collaboration with Legal and Finance Support: Recognizing the importance of financial controls and legal compliance, intellectual property rights, and risk mitigation, I engage with and personally liaison with finance and legal department leadership and SME’s to ensure they are integral part of the team from the earliest stages.
  • Management and Supportive Leadership: Once these special teams are assembled, my role transitions to managing and supporting them. I ensure seamless integration of external expertise with our internal teams, fostering an environment of collaboration and mutual respect.
  • Continual Evaluation and Adaptation: The dynamic nature of critical projects and initiatives necessitates continual team evaluation and adaptation. I maintain an agile approach, ready to make adjustments as the project evolves, ensuring that the team composition always aligns with the changing needs of the project.

By combining internal expertise with carefully selected external talents, and underpinned by strong management, finance, and legal support, we create a powerhouse team capable of driving your project to success. This strategic and creative approach to team building is not just about filling gaps; it’s about crafting a cohesive unit that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and excellence.

Accelerating Success:  Rapid Prototype Development and Market Testing

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the ability to move quickly from concept to market is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. My experience in leading dynamic teams emphasizes a swift and strategic approach to prototype development and market testing, ensuring that we stay ahead in the competitive race.

  • Rapid Prototyping from Concept to Reality: My leadership journey includes spearheading projects that transformed nascent ideas into tangible prototypes with remarkable speed. This process involves a meticulous orchestration of design, development, and execution phases, ensuring that each step is optimized for efficiency without compromising on quality.
  • Streamlined Construction and Launch Processes: A notable achievement in my career was leading a team that rolled out a new prototype retail concept from its initial concept to the grand opening in just 8 months. This feat was achieved through a combination of strategic planning, efficient resource allocation, and robust project management.
  • Aggressive Expansion and Market Penetration: Following the successful launch, we rapidly scaled up the operation, opening 25 more stores across 7 test markets in the subsequent year. This aggressive expansion strategy was not just about growth; it was a calculated move to capture market share and gather valuable consumer insights.
  • Focused on Speed and Market Responsiveness: At the core of my approach is a focus on speed and market responsiveness. Understanding the importance of timing, we prioritize rapid development cycles and quick market entry, ensuring that we stay relevant and responsive to consumer needs and market trends.
  • Leveraging Data and Feedback for Iterative Improvement: Post-launch, my focus shifts to gathering and analyzing market feedback. This data is crucial in refining our prototypes and strategies, allowing us to make iterative improvements that resonate with our target audience and meet market demands.

By combining rapid prototyping with aggressive market testing strategies, we not only achieve speed to market but also ensure that our products and concepts are continually refined and aligned with market expectations. This approach has been instrumental in my career, driving success in various innovative and competitive environments.

Modernizing Operations:  Harnessing Best Practices for Peak Productivity and Efficiency

In the journey of growth and expansion, the potential to refine processes and embrace new technologies is immense. My approach is rooted in not just adapting to change, but actively driving it to achieve heightened efficiency and productivity.

  • Revitalizing Technology Infrastructure: Recognizing the pivotal role of technology in modern business, I have successfully led complete overhauls of technology infrastructure and enterprise reporting systems within remarkably short timeframes, such as six months. This involves not only upgrading hardware and software but also ensuring that these technological advancements align seamlessly with business objectives.
  • Process Improvement and Efficiency Enhancement: As businesses grow, the need to streamline processes becomes critical. My methodology involves identifying areas where efficiency can be enhanced, processes can be optimized, and new technologies can be integrated. This is a continuous process aimed at keeping the company agile and competitive.
  • Adoption of Cutting-Edge Technologies: Staying current with emerging technologies is vital. I prioritize the adoption of the latest tools and solutions that can drive operational excellence. This proactive stance ensures that the organization remains at the forefront of innovation.
  • Expert Deployment in Specialized Areas: In situations where specific expertise is required, I leverage my network to deploy highly skilled professionals. This includes 6 Sigma/Lean Business Process Reengineering experts and Project Management Professionals. Their specialized skills are instrumental in fine-tuning processes to the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Balanced Approach Between Innovation and Practicality: My strategy balances innovative thinking with practical execution. While embracing new technologies and processes, I ensure that these changes are sustainable, user-friendly, and contribute positively to the bottom line.

By integrating modern best practices and harnessing the power of technology and process optimization, I lead organizations to not just adapt, but excel in an ever-evolving business landscape. This approach has consistently resulted in increased productivity, efficiency, and ultimately, a stronger competitive edge in the marketplace.

Comprehensive Execution and Implementation Expertise:  From Conceptualization to Completion

My career trajectory has been marked by a wide array of successfully executed and implemented projects across various domains. Here’s a closer look at my areas of expertise:

  • Enterprise Program, Portfolio, and Project Management: Proficient in setting up and managing PMO offices, aligning with PMP standards. My experience ensures effective oversight and strategic alignment across multiple portfolio projects.
  • Strategy and Innovation Consulting: Specialized in consulting for strategy and innovation, with a strong track record in implementing related projects that drive organizational growth and transformation.
  • Business Transformation and Change Management Projects: Skilled in leading large-scale business transformation initiatives, focusing on change management to ensure smooth transitions and adoption.
  • Growth and Expansion Pilot Tests and Program Management: Experienced in managing pilot programs for growth and expansion, adept at scaling successful pilots into broader program rollouts.
  • Startup Consulting and Project Management: Providing comprehensive consulting services for startups, encompassing project management and portfolio reporting, guiding nascent businesses from the ground up.
  • New Retail Store Prototype and National Rollout Program Implementation: Demonstrated success in implementing new retail store prototypes and managing their national rollout programs, ensuring consistency and quality at scale.
  • Omni-Channel and Unified Commerce Strategies: Expert in developing and implementing omni-channel and unified commerce strategies, encompassing planning, budgeting, and execution to create seamless digital customer journeys and services experiences.
  • SaaS Software Implementations: Proficient in implementing various SaaS solutions, including Human Capital Management (HCM) and Real Estate Management software, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Enterprise Reporting Systems and WMS Implementations: Skilled in ERP and Warehouse Management System (WMS) implementations, optimizing data management and logistics.
  • Retail POS Systems and Technology Upgrades: Experienced in upgrading retail POS systems, credit card terminals, and implementing tablet computing solutions, modernizing the retail experience.
  • Benefits Outsourcing: Knowledgeable in outsourcing benefits, streamlining HR processes while ensuring compliance and employee satisfaction including an offshore project in Puerto Rico.
  • Technology Infrastructure Overhauls: Expertise in upgrading technology infrastructure and managing the decommissioning of legacy systems, ensuring technological relevance and efficiency.
  • Business Development and Financial Analysis: Strong background in business development, financial analysis, due diligence, and crafting compelling business plans, presentations, and reports.
  • Real Estate Site Selection and Brokerage: Experienced in real estate site selection, leveraging broker resources, and conducting site selection tours to identify prime locations.
  • Retail Building Construction and Permitting: Proficient in managing retail building construction projects, including Tenant Improvements and Ground-up-build (GUB) projects, adept at navigating permitting processes and issue resolution.
  • Golf Course Operations Development: Experienced in developing and implementing comprehensive golf course operations programs, enhancing the customer experience and operational efficiency.

I bring wide-ranging experience and expertise managing complex projects from inception through execution across diverse industries and functions.  This base of knowledge provides valuable intuition, creativity, and capability transfer through the engagement.

Seamless Integration for Long-Term Success

My approach to ensuring that your organization fully realizes the envisioned objectives of any implementation is both methodical and adaptable. To achieve this, I conduct thorough surveys and objectively measure the results and behavioral changes post-implementation. This critical evaluation allows us to understand the impact and effectiveness of the project in real terms.

Recognizing that transitions are an ongoing process, I adopt a phased approach to winding down involvement. This gradual reduction in direct engagement is carefully managed to ensure stability and sustainability, allowing your team to seamlessly take the reins. During this phase, I remain vigilant and ready to make necessary adjustments, ensuring that the implementation stays aligned with your goals and adapts to any evolving needs.

Even after the transition is complete, my commitment to your success is unwavering. I am available as a long-term, ‘plug-and-play’ resource – someone you can trust and rely on for future projects.

My goal is to be more than just a consultant; I strive to be a valuable, ongoing partner whom you can turn to whenever the need arises, confident in the knowledge that my collaboration will bring value and enjoyable working experiences.