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Bill Theurer is an independent consultant who partners with C-suite leadership to lead cross-functional enterprise programs, transformations, technology initiatives, growth/expansion plans, strategy and innovation pilot programs and proof of concepts. He also fills temporary leadership talent and resource gaps in crisis (Covid-19 or otherwise) to ensure responsible transition to a permanent resource.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from San Diego State University, is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and a former PGA Golf Professional.

Bill’s early career after college was spent as the Head Professional at California’s beautiful Morro Bay Golf Course. Through a blind date setup by his golf students he met his wife-to-be Lennie-Renae. The couple wed shortly after moving to Santa Cruz to operate the Aptos Seascape Resort Course.

At the height of the tech boom, and living only a short drive from Silicon Valley, Bill was dragged away from golf in 1999 to help Rainmaker Systems, Inc. operate and grow their software renewals organization. A few years after a successful IPO and receipt of the President’s Club award (Trip to Belize), he and Lennie-Renae packed their bags and left to start a family in booming Temecula where we they enjoy precious times with their three wonderful children.

While enjoying time off during the move to Southern California, Bill’s completed his first triathlon – a ridiculous 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13 mile run.  With a half-ironman distance in the bag he vowed never to do that again.  These days he enjoys shorter Sprint/Olympic distances, mountain biking, golf, tennis, and youth baseball.

Shortly after their move, an opportunity arose to help Leisure Living Superstore redefine outdoor backyard big-box retailing on the West Coast. Acting as the President’s right hand Bill personally managed many facets of this startup.  He sourced and grew the management team, updated the company’s technology infrastructure, implemented an enterprise reporting system, opened and expanded warehouse distribution centers, optimized operations, and managed the tenant improvement for the concept’s new flagship showroom.

With a knack for developing rich relationships though successful project work, filling gaps, solving problems, and getting things done – in 2008 Bill launched Centrificus Project Management Services, Inc. and transitioned into a series of client engagements.

Centrificus later contracted with Petco Animal Supplies to help develop and program-manage a proof of concept store pilot test. In partnership with Petco senior leadership and more than 20 internal cross-functional teams we quickly created a new small-format brand and elevated experience. From soft concept to implementation the project team opened the first Unleashed by Petco prototype store in 8 months and with board approval 25 more test stores in 7 markets the following year. Other projects with Petco included opening their first international stores in Puerto Rico, updating the company’s brand identity, growing the Project Management Office, enabling Omni-Channel capabilities to better serve evolving customer needs and expectations, and implementing SaaS IBM-Tririga and Ceridian Dayforce software solutions. 

Separately, a recent one-year turnaround engagement as an interim Vice President with Ghirardelli Chocolate Company operating 24 restaurants and retail stores in 9 states with 550+ employees was a “sweet” gig that he could not pass up.

While Bill has worked with a variety of clients personally leading large transformations, programs and projects, cross-functionally building teams, filling in talent and resource gaps, and managing execution A to Z; ideal, however is to transition into applying these skills and experience in pursuit of something immensely purposeful.

Bill’s personal passion is the study of healthy-aging and what we can do as individuals, and together at scale – to improve our Health Span (the period of one’s life during which we are generally healthy, physically and socially active, and free from chronic pain and serious disease). The intention is to extend the number of years we live in optimal health.

Scientifically curious and always interested in health and wellness, Bill started following advances in biomedical sciences with intention to understand to what degree we are in control of how well we age, our quality of life, and ultimately longevity.  Unobtrusively attending advanced biomedical research conferences, Bill learned from preeminent scientists presenting cutting edge research. Through more than a decade of conferences and avid scientific journal research Bill came to a profound conclusion. “We as individuals hold the keys to extending healthspan through lifestyle changes targeting optimal aging and wellness, prevention and delay of disease, preservation of mobility, mental, and social health.

Exploding lab and clinical research combined with massive investment and rapid advances in technology are incontrovertibly surfacing important interventions that further enable healthspan extension for those inclined to pursue it for self and family.  Realizing all that is important springs from a foundation of wellness and health, Bill is working to adapt his skills, experience, and insight towards transforming the future of healthcare.

For Bill, nirvana is playing a role at scale cultivating and operationalizing initiatives that demonstrably advance healthy-aging, staying-young, living-better longer. 

If your organization is in pursuit of a similar purposeful vision Bill is eager to work with likeminded teams to achieve something “amazing.”

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