Mount Pilatus, Switzerland
Mount Pilatus, Switzerland

Program management leadership and Geroscience vanguard 

Bill Theurer is a seasoned independent consultant, aligning with C-suite leadership to orchestrate cross-functional enterprise programs, technological transformations, and strategic innovations. His journey, is rooted in a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from San Diego State University and certifications in Project Management (PMP) and Organizational Change (IMA/AIM).

Bill’s professional saga began at Morro Bay Golf Course, where he honed his leadership skills before venturing into the tech world with Rainmaker Systems, Inc. where he contributed to their successful IPO, post which he embraced family life in Temecula, nurturing his three children while indulging in triathlons and outdoor adventures.

In 2008, leveraging his talent for building productive relationships and solving complex challenges, Bill founded Centrificus Project Management Services, Inc., resulting in a series of impactful, independent engagements. His hands-on leadership in transformations and program management over 16 years showcases versatility and commitment to serving clients. In 2021, he embraced the mountain lifestyle in Colorado, aligning his personal life with his professional ethos.

In response to the profound economic disparities exacerbated by the global pandemic, he launched a Substack newsletter dedicated to addressing, educating, and inspiring actionable societal changes. This initiative aims to rally a community at a massive scale, leveraging collective action to challenge unjust wealth accumulation and exploitative economic practices that have come to light during and after the pandemic crisis. The Substack newsletter serves as a platform for advocacy, aiming to dismantle systemic financial injustices and advocate for policies and practices that ensure economic prosperity for all. (Crowd Scale Catalyst Substack)

Bill’s interests extend to the study of Geroscience (the biology of aging), dedicating two decades to unraveling the secrets of healthy aging. His research of the field leans into the power of personalized behavior and lifestyle changes to target healthspan extension and wellness enablement. This passion culminates in his current work developing an online health and wellness platform on Substack empowering individuals along their aging journeys. (first half 2024)

At the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and Geroscience, Bill envisages a future where these disciplines synergize to extend healthspan, workspan, and potentially lifespan. His vision encapsulates the economic and societal potential of these innovations, focusing on how AI can leverage Geroscience to revolutionize healthcare, productivity, and societal contributions.

Bill’s biography is not just a chronicle of achievements; it’s a testament to his passion for transformative change, both in organizations and in individual lives.

His current aspiration to collaborate with like-minded teams to drive groundbreaking advancements in AI and Geroscience is an open invitation to embark on journeys of discovery and innovation together.


Professional Associations: PMP, PGA, SDSU