Offering expertise as an independent contractor or interim employee, I collaborate with C-suite leaders to lead cross-functional enterprise programs, drive transformative technology initiatives, and manage critical projects that must be executed well.

  • Broad experience with complex Enterprise Program and Project Management
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Pilot and Proof of Concept initiatives
  • Growth and Expansion
  • Organizational Change

Services are transitioning to include managing complex AI and ML projects, implementing innovative AI pilot programs, and developing and testing AI proof of concepts (POCs).

Comprehensive Execution and Implementation Expertise

My career trajectory has been marked by a wide array of successfully executed and implemented projects across various domains. Here’s a closer look at my areas of expertise:

  • Enterprise Program, Portfolio, and Project Management: Proficient in setting up and managing PMO offices, aligning with PMP standards. My experience ensures effective oversight and strategic alignment across multiple portfolio projects.
  • Strategy and Innovation Consulting: Specialized in consulting for strategy and innovation, with a strong track record in implementing related projects that drive organizational growth and transformation.
  • Business Transformation and Change Management Projects: Skilled in leading large-scale business transformation initiatives, focusing on change management to ensure smooth transitions and adoption.
  • Growth and Expansion Pilot Tests and Program Management: Experienced in managing pilot programs for growth and expansion, adept at scaling successful pilots into broader program rollouts.
  • Startup Consulting and Project Management: Providing comprehensive consulting services for startups, encompassing project management and portfolio reporting, guiding nascent businesses from the ground up.
  • New Retail Store Prototype and National Rollout Program Implementation: Demonstrated success in implementing new retail store prototypes and managing their national rollout programs, ensuring consistency and quality at scale.
  • Omni-Channel and Unified Commerce Strategies: Expert in developing and implementing omni-channel and unified commerce strategies, encompassing planning, budgeting, and execution to create seamless digital customer journeys and services experiences.
  • SaaS Software Implementations: Proficient in implementing various SaaS solutions, including Human Capital Management (HCM) and Real Estate Management software, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Enterprise Reporting Systems and WMS Implementations: Skilled in ERP and Warehouse Management System (WMS) implementations, optimizing data management and logistics.
  • Retail POS Systems and Technology Upgrades: Experienced in upgrading retail POS systems, credit card terminals, and implementing tablet computing solutions, modernizing the retail experience.
  • Benefits Outsourcing: Knowledgeable in outsourcing benefits, streamlining HR processes while ensuring compliance and employee satisfaction including an offshore project in Puerto Rico.
  • Technology Infrastructure Overhauls: Expertise in upgrading technology infrastructure and managing the decommissioning of legacy systems, ensuring technological relevance and efficiency.
  • Business Development and Financial Analysis: Strong background in business development, financial analysis, due diligence, and crafting compelling business plans, presentations, and reports.
  • Real Estate Site Selection and Brokerage: Experienced in real estate site selection, leveraging broker resources, and conducting site selection tours to identify prime locations.
  • Retail Building Construction and Permitting: Proficient in managing retail building construction projects, including Tenant Improvements and Ground-up-build (GUB) projects, adept at navigating permitting processes and issue resolution.
  • Golf Course Operations Development: Experienced in developing and implementing comprehensive golf course operations programs, enhancing the customer experience and operational efficiency.

I bring wide-ranging experience and expertise managing complex projects from inception through execution across diverse industries and functions.  This base of knowledge provides valuable intuition, creativity, and capability transfer through the engagement.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]