Crowd Scale Catalyst

Welcome to “Crowd Scale Catalyst,” a Substack fueled by passion and purpose. We are a community committed to addressing the pressing issues of our time.

Our vision is to make possible “Fulfilling our highest potential as we age.” This process framework above embodies our mission which is to — unite in collective pursuit of financial security, to gain more control of our time, so that it can be invested into our Health and wellness.

Through mastery of our digital world we enable step changes in personal capability and productivity that enhance our financial security, and amplify our unique human attributes to gain control over time itself.

Time and newfound financial resources we then invest into enhancing our health and wellness. This investment enables a virtuous cycle, granting us additional time, expanded workspan and more control. A process that empowers us to achieve our fullest potential as we age – paving the way for a future characterized by exceptional wellness, vitality, and perhaps extended longevity.

Together, as a large community, we harness and focus our combined intelligence, passion, talent, expertise, purchasing power, and crowd-scale micro-funding capability to ‘catalyze’ purposeful crowd-scale projects that matter.

This GoFundMe is funding efforts to create a large online Substack community and a massive social media following dedicated to rectifying the injustices of pandemic profiteering, securing financial reparations, rolling back prices to pre-pandemic trends, and fighting to put the proceeds of the excessive interest rate hikes back into our retirement accounts.
  • A cause championing the rights of every American affected by pandemic price hikes, excessive interest rate hikes, and an inflation crisis driven in part by greedflation.
  • Insightfully researched articles with audio voice overs exploring and exposing the financial schemes and scams that frustrate our daily lives.
  • Purposeful topics that matter / themes that resonate deeply as true.
  • Where we create and explore strategies to push back against pandemic exploitation, and tactics to claw-back what was taken under guise of a pandemic national emergency.



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